Michael Jackson

King of hop

Why he started

Micheal Jackson was born on augest 29, 1958 in Gary ,India. Micheal Jacksons dad was a gutirest which he had to give up so he could provide for his family. He also made them into a music group in the 1960's. Micheal joined the group when he was five. Then Micheal jacksons dad pushed his son to succces.

His health

He had a skin disorder called vitiligo causeing he became very lighter and also part of the reason was because od skin bleaching. He was abused by his father when he was liiitle leting to more problems later on. He was deeply tramatized and he had a body dysmorphic disorder. In the 1990's he was dependent on perscipstion drugs. Manily painkillers and strong sedatives. The drugs were linked to a secend and thried degree burns. He went in rehabilitation in 1993.

How he died

He had died form overdose drugs slowy makeing him unable to breath. He died right after cardiac arrest. Also he died on june 25 2009. He died on the eve of his 51st birthday.
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Micheal jackson has one the most rewards then any other artist. With 23 guiness world recoed awards,40 billboards awards,13 grammys and 26 american music awards, and also he recived congressional awards.

Songs and Albums

Micheal Jackson sang 32 songs in all. Like thriller,beat it, Bad, and of the wall. His songs were written or co-written by him. With over 50 almbums. The top ones are thriller, and daungerous. Micheal jackson is ranked number 55 in overall artist ranking.