Flesh & Blood So Cheap

The Triangle Fire And Its Legacy

Its The Early 1900's

Its the year 1911 and you and your 14 year old sister work at the Triangle Waist Company. Then out of nowhere you see a blaze that is lilting up the whole room and engulfing one half of the room. You try to open the door to escape through but it is locked from the other side with a padlock so no workers will come in later or leave early. You go to the nearest window and grab your sister and jump. That was the fate of many on that horrifying day.

The Fate of Many

In this time period this kind of work was not uncommon. Back in the old days people had to make money and a very good way of that was to have a sweat shop. Some people would work in factories and some would work in there own house running there own sweat shop. This is very different from today. In this day and age The U.S.A. gets most of its clothing from other countries and back then all clothing was made in the U.S.A.

Immigration Runs Rampid

At this time New York city was taking Immigrates in through Ellis Island. These immigrants were from all over Europe and they all had different believes and values. Most Jews came from Russia and valued education on a high stature. All these Immigrants would make more jobs you would think, but in reality a lot of immigrants were living in poverty. A family from Europe would usually send over one daughter to get a small apartment and start getting money to afford another ticket to send over another person to America. Most immigrants lived in a small, dark, stinky, moist, apartment with no electricity, this is very different from today. If you rent an apartment it will not be infested with rats or have a mysterious liquid dripping from the walls.

See To The End

The immigrants finally got fed up with unfair fair treatment from there bosses in the sweat shops. All the unfair treatment lead to The Uprising of Twenty Thousand. About twenty thousand sweat shop workers came together and went on strike. This caused all of the big bosses to go bankrupt. The strike went on and on. The strikers were running out of money and the bosses were going bankrupt. In 1910 over 350 companies accepted the unions terms. A lot of things were good now, but the Triangle Waist Company did not. And in the end that what did it. Since the Triangle company did not accept it, they, did not have sprinklers, or have fire drills so when the fire broke out no one knew what to do cause over 150 peoples to die a horrible fate. The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources- because it nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples.