Ebola Disease Research

By Dijon Geuns



Yes there is a scientific name which is Ebola hemorrhagic fever.


Four filamentous (bacteria) illnesses can cause Ebola, these has been found in monkeys.


Researchers believe that bats can transmit the disease by human contact with an animal. Also it can be transmitted from humans blood body fluids from an sick human.

Outbreaks started around 1970’s, about 430 people have died ranging from 40-90% from this vicious disease!


Ebola starts with really bad headaches.

Within days days pain goes to the chest sudden weight loss vomiting blood, and bleeding in the diarrhea.


At the moment there is no cure, but effort is given to try and help ease the pain.

patients are isolated to prevent outbreaks of the disease, works wear protective gear and clean all there materials. People are advised to stay out areas where outbreaks happen.


Stay in homes don’t travel outside the country you have to travel outside the country be sure to cover up, pants long, sleeve shirt and wash your hands.


Kids are mostly infected with this disease and about 16,000 of them have lost both of their guardians.


About 430 people have died ranging from 40-90% from this vicious disease!

Current Events

Don’t know if there is any outbreaks at the moment but a common is Africa
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