Jackie Malish 4th period

election of kennedy


  • Youngest president ever elected
  • Also young cabinet members
  • Democratic party
  • 303 electoral votes for JFK, 219 for Nixon (popular vote was close)
  • Introduced Peace Corps
  • bring New Frontier in cold War era America- medical assistance and federal education funding, noninflationary wage agreement, get Americans to the moon

the cold war

  • Flexible Response: military options that could be utilized for different levels of conflict--European nations decolonizing, Congo began violence after independence from Belgium, Laos civil war
  • Vietnam: Kennedy wanted more "Military advisers" aka troops stationed in South Vietnam, still a Vietnam war but the US was largely invested
  • Cuba: help solve large gap between rich and poor and prevent Communism, plans to stop Fidel Castro, used direct intervention with exiles at Bay of Pigs attack
  • Berlin Crisis:
  • Construction of the Berlin Wall: August 1961, separation of population in east and west Germany

Civil rights

  • Had strong appeal to blacks during campaign
  • funded MLK organizations
  • called civil rights a "moral issue" that he promised to aid
  • MLK's peaceful March of Washington with I Have a Dream speech
  • Civil rights bill was slow moving with congress


  • Shot in the head while riding in an open convertible in Dallas
  • Lee Harvey Oswald shot from Depository Building
  • He was then shot by Jack Ruby
  • Lyndon B. Johnson takes over as president
  • America mourns over young president