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Teen Tech Week: March 10-14

In order to showcase some of what DFHS has been doing with technology this year, we're partnering with CATE and Susan Aplin to provide several opportunities next week. Look for:

  • Robot demonstrations in the Commons
  • Posted QR codes linking to the media center's ebooks
  • Tech Tip Thursday contest (prize drawing!) for students
  • Prize drawing for teachers:

During the week, please encourage your students to sign up for the media center's Edmodo group. Join code is available in the media center. If you let us know that you've enrolled 100% of your 3A/7B students, we'll enter your name in a prize drawing.


  • Please make sure to give your students overdue notices. If a student is no longer in your class, please let us know.
  • Going paperless? We now have a multi-feed scanner available.
  • Check your classroom for any borrowed books, DVDs or VHS tapes you no longer need.

Reads 365 deadline

In conjunction with Teen Tech Week, we're asking students to submit their lists of 15 books electronically. Please email jcollins or enewman by March 14.

Project Based Learning: What does it look like?

Project Based Learning addresses several Learning Outcomes. Here are just a few:

Work Ethic

Oral/Written Communication

Critical Thinking


Technology literacy

Here are some tips for a successful group project:

1. Start with the standard and a realistic problem or project.

2. Consider an Entry Event- an interesting way to introduce the project to students.

3. Rule of Three- each group should have 3 members. Ask each member to fill out a group contract prior to starting the assignment.

4. Make sure students keep track of all resources used and cite them properly.

5. Project should last 2-4 weeks and culminate with presentations.

6. Consider including special guests on presentation day.

7. Include some time to reflect/evaluate the project. Methods include:

Class discussion


student or teacher-led formal debrief

individual/group evaluations

Want more information ? edutopia is a great PBL resource.

The pictures above and below feature Melissa Hyatt's STEM Physical Science class and their Forces and Motion roller coaster project.

Turnitin news

Congratulations to Jessica Thur, who has been named a Turnitin All Star Finalist for Academic Integrity. She is one of four finalists for Secondary Education. Jessica said this to say about using Turnitin to evaluate information:

"I think a lot of kids accept things that they read online without considering if they're valid or if there could be more information or if this information is biased. It's a very real world skill."

Thanks to our Cheat participants!

Thanks again to everyone who encouraged their students to read Cheat and discussed the book in class. Mrs. LeRoy's class (featured left) and Mrs. Chason's class were award pizza parties.


Thanks to: Melissa Hyatt, Jessica Thur, Susan Aplin, Evelyn Newman, Arlitta Eargle (photos),,, and