The Road To Entrepenurship

By: Rakan AlZagha

The Beginning of the Road To Success:

Being surrounded by many entrepreneurs in my life I have fell in love with their lifestyle and how they hustle daily. I have been with my Dad (Fawaz AlZagha owner of Nablus Studio inc.) and my Uncle's (Rand Shukair and Raed Shukair owners of multiple franchises) shadowing them every opportunity I get. Their is a lot of components in a entrepreneurs day and I'm ready to take it on.

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities:

Some daily tasks are the following:

  • Keeping tabs on the competition
  • Making deals
  • Maintain employees
  • Getting stock
  • Stay updated on what's new

Work Environment

The working environment of a entrepreneur consists of an office with many people trying to make deals and such. You will be in the car trying to get from place to place to meet people and such.

Education and Training

Education consists of a 4 year college or university, masters degree is preferable to get into a higher ranking in the business world says my Uncle (Raed Shukair Owner of multiple Subway franchises) Even though some of the most successful entrepreneurs didn't attend college the more you know the better. For training it depends on the company and what you want to go into in the business world.

Preffered Job Skills

Job skills that will make you destined for success are:

  • Communication skills - being able to communicate with people in a respectful manner.
  • Negotiating skills - being able to satisfy your end of the deal as well as the trader or buyer.
  • Problem Solving - solving problems in the workplace/coworkers/defective products.
  • Professionalism - being able to do tasks with precision and speed.

Job Outlook

Entrepreneurship will continue to grow as a job in America


Their is no given salary it all depends on location and boss and type of business.

High School Preparation:

Sports & Entertainment Marketing- I might want to go into sport store franchising like GNC or something so it would be helpful to see what athletes are interested in.

Entrepreneurship- It is a business class that will help me learn more about the business world in general.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Future business leaders of America- Will teach me how to function in the business world.

Class of 2018- Will teach me leadership skills that I will need if I am going to be a boss.

Work/Volunteer Experience

I have worked before with Fawaz AlZagha, Raed Shukair, and Rand Shukair all very respected entrepreneurs. Highhandedly so I have the resources to gain experience. I can also apply for a manager at a work place to see how to run someone's business. Raed Shukair told me that the hardest part about his day is counting on his employees to get something done.


  1. Mr. Mccabe - Leyden Teacher

  2. Ms. Gorzynski - East Leyden Teacher

  3. Mrs. Miller - East Leyden Teacher

Post-Secondary Plan

My post secondary plan will be to go to a 4 year university and get my masters degree in Business & Administration then partnering up with my Uncle or apply to Google and hopefully one day have a very high position in the world of business. I will have to depend on my self as my Uncle, Raed Shukair told me to never depend on anyone.

University's I would like to attend:

North Carolina University

University of Chicago

Duke University

The art of entrepreneurship: Julie Meyer at TEDxSalford

Above is a video about entrepreneurship this made me fall in love with this career!


I have learned through contacting multiple individuals about entrepreneurship along with my research that the road to becoming a successful business man is a long one. I learned quite a lot from talking to entrepreneurs. My Uncle, Rand Shukair told me something I will never forget, "Anyone can be a entrepreneur, it's the entrepreneurs that put in 150% that become successful." Which I believe is very true and I will live by that on my road to success.