Comets Math

News for Friday, December 7


Lesson 5-9 Pages 361-362 Problems 20 - 34 even

We will be grading both Lesson 5-8 and 5-9 on Monday. We are looking at taking the Chapter 5 test on Wednesday next week.

Regular Math

Third hour finished asking questions early and completed the assignment in class. I collected it before they left.

Fourth and fifth hour took up to the last 10 minutes asking questions so I have sent the assignment home as homework.

The Assignment - Labsheet 4.2

Students have two extra credit homework papers. Extra credit is due by Thursday 12/13. They must be signed by a parent if students wish to turn them in early and incomplete. No late papers will be accepted on these two assignments.

1. "Why Did The Banana Go Out With The Prune?" - Solving equations

2. "Equation Types" - Creating original word problems and solving them based on equational work.