Classroom News

From Miss Del Buono: November 10-14, 2014

What Happened This Week?

ELA - We had a fabulous time learning the long "a" vowel sound and the "sneaky e" which follows it. We watched a short video to help us with the skill (which is attached below). We proceeded to learn the soft and hard c and g sound, as in city vs cat and giraffe vs good. Your children are grasping these tricky skills very quickly and applying it to their reading. I am so proud of them!

Math - First, every single person did awesome our last math test for Topic 3. Way to go first graders! This week we started Topic 4. We learned a rap on how to add double numbers up to 5. The video is at the bottom at the page to sing at home! We also learned that math problems are also presented in another way. We know about the horizontal, side to side, or "hamburger method," now were moving on to the vertical, up and down, or "hot dog" method.

Social Science - Attention Space Cadets! This week we learned about our spectacular solar system. We did some fun and exciting activities to help us remember how awesome space is. We dressed up as planets, licked off Oreo cream to show the different moon phases, and made our very own book about the Sun with cool facts to go home to show our family and friends.

Up Coming Events

1st grade Thanksgiving Feast - Monday, November 16 at 2:00pm

Parent Teacher Conferences/Half Days - November 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 26th

Our Spooky Halloween

James Iglehart - "Silent 'e'" Music Video (The Electric Company)
Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (song for kids about adding doubles 1-5)

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