My Family in Colombia

My Family Income

Because my dad is an oral surgeon, the average income is 201,000 USD. The conversion to Colombian Peso is $589,382,250. The average income of an oral surgeon in Colombia is $25,972,800. That is about 10,000 USD.
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My Home

In Colombia, my family of five, including me, would live in the capital Medellín. Our income could support us to live in a decent neighborhood. We would move to Belen, which is a neighborhood filled with the middle to upper class.


Due to the lower income made in Colombia, my dad would be making a 200th the amount of money he makes on average in the U.S. We would live in an middle to upper class community and our home would cost about 8 million Colombian pesos.

Family Car

My family could only afford one car. That car would be the Renault Kangaroo. This car is good because it will have enough room to fit the entire family and it will only cost 11,000,000 Colombian Pesos.
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I would go to the Colegio Ferrini. The tuition is only about 293144.50 Colombian Pesos every year. The school is in Medellín.

Classes and Schedule

I would be taking a bible class and a history class. My classes would be similar to my classes in the United States with a science. My schedule will also be similar with school starting at 6:15am and ending at 3:30pm some days and 1:15pm on other days.
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Extracurricular Activities

For my out of school activities I would take on swimming and join the swimming team.
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With my friends, I would study after school in order to try to get into the best college possible. On the weekends, I would go to the movie theater because that is a very popular activity to do in Colombia.

Driving in Colombia

I would not have my driver's license in Colombia because you need to be 18 years old to get one. I also wouldn't have one because we would all share one family car.
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Meals in Colombia

For breakfast I would eat a meal called Changua. For lunch my family would eat Bandeja Paisa. For dinner, we would eat sancocho.

Grocery Store

My family and I would shop at La Laquita for groceries.
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Clothing Store

I would shop at American Eagle Outfitters. I would be wearing similar clothes which are khakis and a t-shirt. The clothes would be around the same price. I would wear my school uniform for school.
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National Celebrity

My favorite nation celebrity would be James Rodriguez. He would be my favorite because I love watching soccer and he is a great player.


I would listen to Shakira because she is a great singer that is known all around the world.
Shakira - La La La (Brasil 2014) (Spanish Version) ft. Carlinhos Brown


My family and I would travel to San Andrés. It is a coral island owned by Colombia. The weather is always warm and the beach is beautiful.
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