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Our fabulous team is growing by leaps and bounds! I want to send out a HUGE welcome to these fabulous women: Jiwan Panag, Jessica Robinson, Sarah Tutty, Lana Benjamin, Veronica Mihailovic, Jacqueline Fabbro, Michelle Rosa, Rina Ruzza!

Every single one of you has taken a huge step on your path of HAPPINESS! And I cannot be more excited for or proud of you! I am thrilled to be on this journey with you and will celebrate every single step you take!

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Congratulations to Rosanna for her promotion to Senior Stylist during the month of April! You and your team worked incredibly hard and together promoted! I am so proud of each of you for every step you took in your business and for every $ sold!

Woo hoo Jessica! This incredible woman has hit her a Jump Start and earned her Quick Start bonus which means she is currently earning free product for every $ sold! Sweet!! Oh and the celebrating is not done! Jessica signed her first stylist in April and is sharing the sparkle and growing her team. Amazing!

Yay Michelle!! You hit your Jump Start and are earning free product!! And you were a huge part of Rosanna's promotion!! Way to go!!

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The Group Hello

I thought with so many wonderful women joining us I would go over the Group Hello!

Now some of you may be asking "What the hell is a Group Hello?" and that is okay:). Do NOT fear it is not a big presentation!! Mine is quite literally 5-6 minutes long. However, I do feel it is vital to a successful trunk show! The times I have chickened out, and yes I have chickened out or been intimidated and did not do a Group Hello, I have felt less connected to the women and that the party over all was not as great! So if you have never done one, only do them occasionally or are a seasoned pro....the Group Hello is for EVERYONE and is constantly being tweaked, perfected and even changed as new lines are launched.

The break down of a Group Hello:

1). Welcome everyone and thank your hostess...I do this 45 minutes after the official start time. And I do it regardless of how many people are there. I learned that if you wait for everyone you will end up not doing it!

2). Introduce yourself: that simple! I also always say that I am not Stella and I am not Dot! Seriously, lots of people ask this!

3). Style away using the latest trends and your fave pieces: after the above I always say "So who is ready to hear about the latest trends?". Guaranteed at least one person says yes or simply nods their head. And away you go. Pick your fave trends (I focus on 3) and get the jewels on the guests! Short and sweet:).

And dropping hints through out about being a stylist and/or hostess are also key. But they are hints and not outright questions:). Leave them wanting more...

I searched the lounge and found these to share with you! I have also included Danielle Redner's faux Group Hello from the lounge. Keep in mind you will have to be logged into the lounge to see it:). And please if you have any questions reach out to me or your up line! We are here to help!

Spring Trends:

Summer Trends:

Do NOT worry if you do not have the exact pieces shown above. Improvise and show your faves! And showing the Sutton is always a crowd pleaser:)!

May Incentive

It has been awhile since I have given some goodies away and what better time than the start of warm weather! For every single person on our team, yeah that's YOU, who sells $500 this month and qualifies I will send you a Starbucks Gift Card:). And every person that sells $500 will also be entered in a draw for 1 of the pieces from the FALL Sneak Peeks released in June:)!

Sweet!! I cannot wait to send out Starbucks:)!!! And to give away a Fall piece!!

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Whether you are a part of my first line, second or third I am here to chat and to help you out in any way that I can!

I would like to connect with everyone during the month of May! So expect to hear from me soon.

Please feel free to reach out and we can connect via phone, email, text and/or in person. Here are my details in case you do not have the particulars:

Jen Pearce

Ph: 416.301.3511


And if you are on Facebook but are not yet a part of MairiAnna's Glam Squad (my up line) page please friend me so that I can add you! It is a fab place to get ideas, ask questions and share! The beauty of Stella & Dot is that we really are a community of women and we are here to help anyone and everyone!

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