May 2-Mariner Matters

You are appreciated!

Shout outs!

Debbie Minor for a successful book fair, Taylor Poitras for a successful visit from Rep. Reives and Mr.&Ms. Gilmore for staying over almost daily. Rebecca Tompkins for creating a game that has helped several students with decimals and fractions.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you for all the work you put in every day including nights and weekends.

Curriculum Team-Monday

Curriculum Team will meet Monday to discuss math options beginning at 3:30 in Ms. Tompkin's room. We will discuss our math options.


mClass window opens on Monday and closes May 20th. Please pace yourselves accordingly and leave a few days in case of student absences. Please do not invalidate the assessment. You must contact Christina before invalidating. It is not guaranteed that you will automatically invalidate.

Staff Meeting-Tuesday

Staff meeting will be held on Tuesday in the Media Center beginning at 3:25pm. We will work on EVAAS information as a part of the meeting. Please make sure you are able to log in. I am attaching links to the staff meeting folder and EVAAS.


PLCs are scheduled for next week on the calendar. There will not be PLCs with coverage next week but I encourage all grade levels to meet.

Progress reports

If no one has an objection I am moving progress reports to go home to Monday, May 9th. If there is overwhelming response to it wanting the date to stay on May 5th, please email me by Monday morning.


Thank you all for working hard during morning and afternoon duty. We have more areas to cover because of growth and fewer people to rotate. I appreciate you all keeping kids safe and happy every morning and afternoon.

It Takes a Village

Don't forget to nominate someone for "It Takes a Village" award. We have many wonderful things going on with your colleagues. Also don't forget the "Super Hero" teacher shout out in the morning with the Marvelous Mariners. We all love a pat on the back so take this opportunity to do it for your colleague and students.

Parking directly behind the mobiles

The parking directly behind the mobiles with the concrete space markers should be left for third grade. These are not the spaces on the gym walls or anywhere else.


John and I are trying to finish up observations as quickly as time allows. We understand that you have started assessing so we will not observe during those times but please make sure your other students are engaged while assessing.

Instructional Days

Principals have been reminded to make sure we are monitoring instruction as we normally would the first few months of school. Please make sure we are making these last couple of instructional days count. We will continue to do walk throughs and check plans.