Mrs. Wilson's Language Arts Class

September 15-19

This Week in Class

We worked on some comprehension skills that would help the students when taking a test. The students read and learned about a skink and a buzzard. Ask your child what facts they remember about those two animals; both are interesting creatures.

Then we set up our parameters for writers workshop. We did some brainstorming of topics the students would feel comfortable writing about and we worked on building up stamina when writing. This is way more difficult for students than building stamina for reading.

We also had a discussion about how we select books. The kids got to go to the library with their book groups and pick out a book that they are going to be reading together in class. They have a calendar filled out with their reading assignments. Please check this throughout the next few weeks to ensure that your child is on target for finishing the book with their group. I will only let books go home if students are behind on their reading. I share books with other classes.

With their book groups the students focused on the exposition of a story. The exposition is the important information you find out in the beginning of the book about the background of the setting, the characters, and their situations.

6th Grade Camp Reminder

1. Pack a lunch for Thursday. Only pack what you can eat in disposable containers.

2. Put all of your medication in a Ziploc bag with a singed paper. I have emailed this sheet earlier this week. If you need another copy, let me know.

3. Rides home should be figured out before we leave for camp. The students are able to take the buses home.

4. There will be a gift store that will be open on Friday morning. If you choose to send money along for your child to get a souvenir, please have them pack it in their luggage and not in their pockets.

5. Please keep an eye on the weather to ensure that you are packing appropriately. We participate in our activities even in the rain so you will want to be prepared.

6. Only pack what you can carry. Unfortunately, camp does not supply us with bellhops.

Why it's Important to Read at Home

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Quote of the Week

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Now that we are a few weeks into the school year, my expectations are that the students are more familiar with the classroom and school rules, they know where their classes are, and they are well rehearsed in getting their lockers open. I know that on occasion lockers get stuck or combinations might be forgotten. As a reminder, we agreed that the third rule violation would result in a detention. This agreement allows for those mishaps to occur with no consequence. If you did not talk about the classroom rules with your child, please make sure that you have that conversation.

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders are due on September 23. If you are interested in ordering online, click here and please use the classroom code H6DJC. All other orders can be turned into me and I will take care of thme.

Announcements this Week

Mrs. Wilson's Highs and Lows

High- I am so excited for camp! Let's hope the weather cooperates. So far it looks great.

Low- Leo has contracted a little cold and we have gone backwards in the sleeping department. That's life! I have been enjoying the extra snuggle time at night.