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March 16, 2016

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Young Programmers

These first grade programmers, from Mrs. Upshaw's class, had a great time working with the first concept of coding. That first step is sequence and it is one of the basic flow control structures in programming code. These first grade students had to speak the order of events BeeBot would execute to arrive at the exact answer to a math problem. They found out, by trial and error, that BeeBot would do exactly what they programmed him to do. As programmers, they also discovered that it is important to make sure the commands given are in the right sequence, otherwise the program might not run as expected. They will continue to practice their coding skills until BeeBot arrives at the correct answer every time.

16 Apps and Websites Kids Are Heading to After Facebook

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Digital Citizenship Lesson - Common Sense Media

Did you know just under 16 percent of teens have created, appeared in, or received a sext? Ready to help your students understand the real risks of sexting? Check out the Teen Handbook to Sexting
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NEW Badges this week!

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Tonight's Twitter Book Chat #MVeLearn

Tonight is the last night of the Teach Like A Pirate Book Chat. Our topic is What Happens Next? We don't want this to be our last Twitter Chat, so you'll see some of the questions center around what happens next to our Twitter Chat.

Join us tonight!

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Building a Better Pirate - March 9th chat transcript

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