Merry Christmas

from Raul, Amanda, Cord, Jaci, and Cole


Our kiddos keep us super busy and we do not get much free time to visit and hang out with so many of our friends and family. I thought this would be a fun way to "catch up"! We hope you each have a MerryChristmas and Happy New Year, while remembering "The Reason for the Season"!


This has no been our year!

We have been through it this year! Raul spent a couple of days, the first part of the year, in the hospital for diabetes related JUNK. Jaci had knee surgery. Cord split the craziest area open between his fingers and required stitches. (waited too late and couldn't do it though) Cord and Raul BOTH had oral surgery. Jaci has battled Mono for the entire year with specialists at Cook's Children's Hospital. And now Jaci looking at another knee surgery on "the good knee"! Cole and I would like for them to give us a break! :)

All the "Fights"!

Learned Many Lessons This Year

Everyday life what bring us the greatest joys! Watching our kids learn, grow, accomplish, and love are the best things in life!


Cord has made some big changes this year. He has gone from being a full time student to a full time employee! He is now working at Air Tractor. He seems to be enjoying working. He definitely loves having money in his account!


Jaci has had a trying year! She has battled Mono and knee surgery. She is one tough kiddo! She never slowed down and never gave up on any of her activities! She is still cheering, playing basketball, running track, singing in the band at church, active in her youth group, maintaining an "A" average in her honors classes and still finds time to be with her friends CONSTANTLY!


My baby started high school this year. He decided that football was not his thing! He has lifted weights and run in off season. Since last year, at this time, Cole has grown 5 inches! He is the tallest kid in the house! Cord is not taking to kindly to getting "the hand me downs" now! :) He is doing so well in school! AB Honor Roll all YEAR! Go Cole!


So many adventures this past year! So much to be thankful for!!!!

We couldn't be more proud!!! God bless you! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!