School Apps Guide

Get your School App ready to launch to your school community

Help new parents and families download your School App

Make sure your school community has downloaded the SchoolAppsNZ app and are connected with your school.

You can share our handy install link via email and Facebook, and add it to your website with one of our download images. Please get in touch if you you'd like an image made for your School App.

Click on the image to watch our video on downloading the SchoolAppsNZ App.

Make your Alerts POP: Add images to your Alert Notifications

This could be useful for....

  • Learner journeys and keeping parents informed of child's work and activities
  • Visual Class blogging
  • Sending community notices
    This feature is live now. You can find it when you go to send a new Alert.

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Time to Get Your App Ready for School With Our Handy Tips Below:

School App Administrators

Set up new Administrators and send out their passwords set up/resets. Remove any staff members that have left the school.

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Alert groups

Update your Alert Groups with any new groups for 2022 and delete old or irrelevant groups.

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Alert Groups Subscriptions

Remind parents to update their alerts groups - particularly for Year Levels, Classrooms and Sports, and to subscribe to any new groups that may ave been added.

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Term Dates

Ensure your Term Dates have been updated to 2022. You can also include public holidays and Teacher Only days.

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Update your calendar with relevant 2022 events.

If your Calendar is linked to a Google Calendar please make any changes directly in the Google Calendar and these will pull into the app.

If you don't have a Google Calendar linked up to your App get in touch and we'll help you get this set up.


Check these are up-to-date and any new staff members have been added. Delete any staff who are no longer at the school.

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Ensure your email address, phone number, and cell phone if you use the SMS option, are all up-to-date.

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