Alexandra Jones

Alfonzo and Natalius

Off in the land of Chanter there lived the kingdom of lions. They were not free they were ruled by the great and powerful, Alfonzo. He was proclaimed the finest lion ever to live. HE has his Maine combed out perfectly and his paws groomed and cut to its finest. Everyone worshiped him and wanted to be like him except for one unique lion who didn't like Alfonzo and how he made everyone do all of his orders and chores just to benefit himself. Alfonzo wasn't smart and had a hatred soul. So Natalius the lion that thought lowly of Alfonzo wanted to prove to him that he can be king and not Alfonzo. He started his journey with a large meal then set off to the castle. Of course there were body guards but Natalius had the perfect idea. He studied the guards and what they wore and how they acted. The next day he was ready he snuck quietly behind the castle and opened the secret door the code: 3 3 4 8 6 "correct" inside there was a rail of stairs that led to Alfonzo's bedroom. Quietly tiptoeing he saw Alfonzo relaxing lazily as usual. All of a sudden Natalius bombarded on front of Alfonzo and said, "You shall not be afraid of me I am a weakling, I am dirty and wont hurt you but I can prove to you that I can be king and you shouldn't". "Aha you want to challenge me to a competition? Well that sounds like a plan tomorrow at 6:00 sharp we will have a completion and my servant will decide what we do", exclaimed Alfonzo. "Sound like a plan", said Natalius and he ran out of the Kingdom castle and went home.

Bright and early the next morning Natalius ran to the castle with joy knowing he was going to become king. There stood Alfonzo dressed fancily and proper while Natalius was like any other regular lion. Alfonzo's servant spoke loud and clear what the directions were, "Alfonzo and Natalius both have 3 equal tries to throw a stick up in the air and count to 10 before you catch it." Alfonzo thought is was going to be a piece of cake, but was it really? They started off the competition with a toast and then had Alfonzo go first. "I am just going to get this over with, give me the stick this is a waste of my time!" He through it up, "123456", then caught it! "What that must of been a mistake", so he tried it again, "1234567",and it came down. "How is this possible maybe I need to through it a little harder." Alfonzo through the stick up with all of his might, "12345678" and dropped the stick. "This is impossible there is no way Natalius could this", but they let him try anyways. Natalius grabbed the stick and smirked at Alfonzo knowing that the weakling is going to win. So Natalius threw the stick up as hard as he could and said, "2 4 6 8 10." The crowed was shocked and Alfonzo exclaimed, " No that's cheating he couldn't do that! Could he?" the servant happily yelled, "We have found our new king Natalius, he was allowed to do that Alfonzo." The crowd went wild and picked Natalius up and comforted him into his new home. Natalius became king and changed everything so that it was fair and Alfonzo lived on the streets alone and nobody liked him. There Natalius changed the kingdom for the better!


The moral of this story is fine feathers don't make fine birds. The finest lion which was Alfonzo was not smart and talented he was just foolish and selfish but Natalius had all of the qualities to be king so he challenged Alfonzo. Its true Alfonzo had all of the good looks and "fine feathers" but he wasn't smart and kind. Natalius was dirty and a mess but he was intelligent therefor "Fine feathers don't make fine birds"