By Jacinto Ayala

Things about Thanatos

Thanatos was the god of non-violent death, unlike his sisters The Keres. The Keres, who are the sisters of fate, let Thanatos to bring a soul to underworld. Thanatos is feared and hated as the enemy of mankind, whose hard heart knows no pity. Thanatos was depicted as a winged, bearded older man, or more rarely as a beardless youth. In Roman sculptural reliefs he was portrayed as a youth holding a down-turned torch and wreath or butterfly (symbolsing the soul of the dead).
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Myths That Thanatos was in.

Thanatos was in two myths:

  1. He was sent to fetch Alkestis to the underworld, he was driven off by Heracles in a fight.
  2. He was captured by the criminal Sisyphos who trapped him in a sack so as to avoid death.

Family Of Thanatos

The mother of Thanatos is Nyx(Night). Thanatos had a twin brother named Hypnos(Sleep) and they were the twin winged gods. He also has sisters that were blood-carving called Keres and they were the goddesses of violet death.