(the type from the internet)


Spam is irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent to large amounts through the use of Email.

However, it can also be a single message sent to people on the internet multiple times.

It is not a canned meat product.

Spotting spam tends to be simple, it'll often have numerous links and wording that may not seem 'right,' for example, here is an image that shows a typical piece of spam:

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Spam could be a simple newsletter or advertisement in an email that is sent very frequently and is not of interest to the receiver.

Avoiding It

Avoiding spam isn't too difficult. Simple things you can do to minimize the amount of spam that you see:

  • Use built-in tools. With Gmail you only have to mark the email of spam.
  • Do not click on any links inside an email, and do not respond.
  • Be cautious with where you distribute your email to.

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