Biographical Information:

  • III Prince of Dracul, Order of the Dragon, of the defense of the Ottoman Empire
  • He goes to battle against the Muslim Turks, leaving his wife, Elizabeta, behind. When Elizabeta receives a letter falsely declaring her husband dead, she jumps into the river below. Before she committed suicide, the Bishop presiding at Dracula's castle proclaims Elizabeta's soul damned to eternal punishment.
  • Returning from his victory over the Turks, Dracula flies into a rage over Elizabeta's death. Furious that God "let" his wife die while defending the Holy Roman Church, he renounces his faith for God and the church. Drawing his sword, Dracula stabs the cross in the castle's chapel, causing it to bleed. He then takes a cup and drinks the blood flowing from the cross, proclaiming he will be reborn after his death to drink from the blood of the living.

Qualities They Meet:

  1. Nobility (Knight for the Holy Roman Church)
  2. Responsible for his on fate (Renounces his faith to God and cursed with immortality)
  3. N/A
  4. Has a tragic flaw (His response to the death of his wife, Elizabeta)
  5. N/A
  6. Falls from great heights (He was great Knight for the Holy Roman Church)
  7. Realizes that he has made an irreversible mistake (He doesn't want Mina/Elizabeta to be undead with him, but he still loves her)
  8. N/A
  9. Accepts death with honor (He begs for Mina Harker/Elizabeta to kill him and give him peace)

Qualities They Don't Meet:

  1. N/A
  2. N/A
  3. Incorporates many admirable/heroic qualities (He is a murderer)
  4. N/A
  5. Is doomed to make a serious error in judgement (He acted without thinking)
  6. N/A
  7. N/A
  8. N/A
  9. N/A


Dracula, as a sick and twisted human being & a sadistic murderer, is clear. But, with that, he was still a flawed character with morals that could be challenged by any sort of loss. He sacrificed and renounced his religion and his faith in God, over the death of his beloved wife. When meeting her reincarnation, Mina Harker, he was conflicted with a painful decision. Leave his wife to become the very thing he was condemned to for all eternity or leave her to die.