By: Quentin Dion

The Perilous Journey

When in history has the cost of making a nation larger override the value of human life? The Donner party is where a lot of people decided to go on a big quest and live in the west. This was called the Donner Party. They wanted to go to the west because they wanted to mine the gold that was in the mountains. They wanted to move to the gold because they were not making enough money with their current jobs. They thought they would make a lot of money off the gold that they found there in the mountains. The only problem that they had was that they had to go on the very long and hard journey but they decided they need the money and had to go. They would have to journey through lakes, a desert, and a mountain for them to be where then want to be where they want to be.

They first needed to go through Springfield Illinois. This is where we started out long journey we have a lot of food and water enough for the whole journey. Then after they got out of this part of the Journey they will then have to pass through Independence Missouri. Then through Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Then through The Great Salt Lake Desert. This was probably going to use most of their water and this took them a lot longer than they had thought it would. It was only suppose to take a day or two and it ended up taking a week or so. They were now running late were they should be right now. They then were going through Iron Point Nevada. We had just banished James Reed because we all came to a vote that he was not the best leader so they voted to banish him. Now that James Reed was gone then started up the Journey again and now we're in the Truckee Meadows they had all thought that they were almost done with the Journey by this point. So they thought they should take a rest. We were only going to stay there for a day or two but we ended up staying there for 5 days then they got packed and went on the move again. They soon got to the Truckee Lake in Nevada and could see snow on the mountains they didn't think that this would affect or slow them down so they didn't think much about it.

They soon got to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and they started to go up the mountain. The mountain should not take them a super long time so they thought. During the climb a storm came and it started snowing when they were resting at night and it was snowing really really hard. When they woke up in the morning they saw all the snow they had got and that it was still snowing really hard. They knew this was very bad and thought that they were doomed they could not move that much because there was so much snow. They had soon ran out of food and water and they were now very hungry. Rescue teams were on the way but they were not going to be there for a while and they were going to starve to death if they didn't hurry up the relief teams. They were now starving and would do anything for meat they had already eaten most of the cattle and our pets. But we were all still hungry. We were all contemplating eating the people that have died from starvation and the weather. They brought it up with others and they had decided they needed to eat them or else they were all going to die. So they did the cooked them and ate them. They didn't want to have to do this but that's what it came down to.

It still amazes me that someone would do that in order to stay alive. They would rather be alive than respect the value of human life and eat there friends that they have gone all this way with and just to survive. That just Shows how how selfish someone can be that they would eat a human being so that they could stay alive.

Donner Party Documentary

The Donner Party Part 5

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