Elizabeth S


Bats come in five colors: white, gray, yellow, brown, and red. All bats are born without fur

Did you know there is a bat that looks like a dog? That is a Doggy bat. Doggy bats are 8

Inches from head to toe.

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Bats live in caves, attics, hollow trees, tree branches, under bridges, and some make leaf tents. Bats live in almost every country except Antartica. Did you know people in China

welcome bats into ther homes because they think that bats are good luck.

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Vampire bats do not drink human blood so don't worry but they drink chicken, pig, cow, and horse blood. All Fruit bats eat fruit. They do not like insects. Bats that eat insects eat

500 bugs in one hour! That is 6,000 bugs in one night! Long nosed bats and tube nosed

bats drink nectar. The Fishermen bat catches minnows to eat.

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