María Calero

Pablo´s granma

How I did my project

How I managed to do this project


My granma was born on september 28 , 1937. In Escacena del Campo (Huelva).


In this year.The Emergency 999 Telephone service is started on June 30th in the UK. Increases in the number of Infantile Paralysis cases ( Polio ) in Chicago causes cities schools to stay closed. It was the Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War

1937: Music

In 1947 Juanita Reina was very important. Snow White and the Seven dwarfs

Heigh Ho - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
La Lola se va a los puertos (1947)

When my granma was my age

The Spanish Copla was very popular in Spain in 1947. Juanita Reina was one of the queens of Copla and she´s one of the favorites of my granma
Maria´s Interwiew

Maria´s Interview transcript

1) When and where were you born?

Escacena del Campo ( Provincia de Huelva) 28 september 1937

2) What studies do you have?

Primary studies

3) When you were my age?,What did you do in your free time?

Play with the kids and dancing with the girls

4) What was your favorite actor?And you favorite singer?

I love La Copla: Juanita Reina, Lola Flores, Rocío Jurado etc

5) What did do you want to be? Did you get it?

At that time we only wanted to get married and have children.

6) What were your parents like?

Perfect. They loved each other very much. We were poor but lived very happy.

7) Tell me your best friend' s name and some anecdote that you remember about him or her

Dolores, Luna. They were my best friends.

8) Happy memory and a bitter memory

Happy: Im very happy whift my dads, A bitter: When her grandad died

9) A piece of advice

Study a lot. Be good. Have a good profession

10) What are your favorite songs?

The Copla: Ojos Verdes, Y sin embargo te quiero etc

11) What was your first job?

She worked in the field, collecting cotton.

12) What was your favorite games?

Enjoyed dancing Sevillanas

13) What toys were there at that time?

She had no toys, never had toys

14)What school were you?

In the Convento de las Hermanas de la Cruz, in my street, (Calle Tejada)

15)What did you play with your friends?

Hide and seek, sing around the rosie