I am...Wyatt Travis

By: Wyatt Travis

Name and Grade

My name is Wyatt Travis and I am a sophomore.


Some of my hobbies are...





-Mixed Martial Arts

Favorite Song

My favorite song is Energy by Drake

Sports/clubs I am involved in

The sports and clubs I am in are


-Track and Field

-Brazilian Jui Jitsu

Something I did over Summer

Something I did over summer was go to my farm for 2 weeks and I went to a wrestling camp at the University Of Missouri.

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard" -Kevin Durrant


I have 2 dogs a Female German Shepherd named Zoe and a Male Yellow Lab named Hank. I also have 3 kittens, Gus, Fiona, and Mia.

Somewhere I want to visit

Somewhere I want to visit is Europe which I will be going to during the 2017 summer.