Djoser. "The Body of Gods"

Ancient Pharaoh

About Djoser

DJoser was the best known pharaoh, and possibly the founder, of the third dynasty of th Old KIngdom in Egypt. He was respnsible for the worlds first known monemental stone building, the step pyramid at Sakkara. Little is known about Djoser, but the fact that he was able to build such a massive and innovative structure as the step pyramid suggest that during his rein Egypt was politically stable, with a successful economy. The architect of the pyramid was imhotep, a priest and advisor of Djosers who is the first architect known by name in history.

His Tomb

Djoser will always be best remembered for his tomb rather than any noteworthy accomplishments. Kings befor him were typically buried in plain-looking, flat roofed tombs called mastabas. These were postitioned near each other like houses in a neighborhood. This arrangement was a "city of the dead" or necropolis. But djosers vizier, a genius named imhotep, designed a tomb for djosers that was much more impressive.