Health Care Options

By:Nicholas Ulehla

Group Health Insurance

The most popular and affordable health insurance coverage for themselves/family members. It is typically affordable because the plan can be managed. The insured shares the cost of medical care through premiums/co-insurance payments.
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Individual Health Insurance

-More expensive than other types of health polocies. Has a waiting period, and medical physical prior for the effect. They are predominatly used by the self-emlpoyed.
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Managed Health Care Insurance

It known as managed care where insureds have access to a large network professionals. Medical coverage that covers 75% of all the insureds that have health coverage through their place of employment.

Health Maintenance Organizations(HMO)- A care plan that specializes in preventative health care/early detection of illnesses.

Preferred Provider Organization(PPO)-A type of health care insurance that provides specific physicians, clinic,s and hospitals for discounted fees.