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December 8, 2015


Performance Building an Engine Class!

Hey Everyone!

Have questions, or just super interested in

Performance Building an Engine?

Well I have great news for you!!

Professor Hirokawa (4th Semester Air Conditioning/ Engine Performance Professor) is opening his module to offer this one day, first and last

Performance Building an Engine Class.

This class will be


So come out and don't miss out!-

All Automotive Students are Welcome!


Let's end this semester with End of of Semester CELEBRATION - recognizing two student recipients of Grainger Tools for Tomorrow® Scholarship and honoring two great Automotive professors who will be retiring end of this semester:

Thursday, December 10, 2015 at the Automotive Complex Module 4:

11.30 AM : Grainger Tools for Tomorrow® Scholarship Certificate Presentations by Grainger Representatives and Leeward CC to 2015-2016 recipients Camille Basa and Kai Takatsuka.

11.45 AM : Retirement Celebration for Professor Ray Tanimoto and Professor Keith Tyau.

See you there!!

Professors Spotlight!

Before we say a bit of farewell to our beloved professors let’s put them on the spotlight.

Thank you Mr. Tyau and Mr. Tanimoto for your time, and sharing below information with me - Camille Basa

Professor Keith Tyau

Professor Tyau has been teaching at Leeward Community College for 26 years and about 8 months now. For his last semester he teaches Introduction to Automotive Technology, Brakes, and Electrical 1.

He started his career in the automotive industry when he came out of the Leeward Community College Automotive Technology Program in December 1980. He comes from a family of Educators. Other than himself, Professor Tyau’s wife, daughters and one of his son in laws are all teachers. There are things that he cherishes in teaching, his best memories are not being sick, and coming in to work to see his students learn the skill and use it for the real world.

As he nears his retirement, he greatly looking forward to go fishing and spend his time playing with his grandkids. In his last words of wisdom, he encourages his students "to continue to study hard!"

Professor Ray Tanimoto

Professor Tanimoto has taught for many years, in many places; Windward Community College, Schofield, and here at Leeward Community College. He has taught in Leeward Community College for about 20 years, this year teaching the Automatic Transmissions & Transaxles, Manual drivetrain, and Electrical 2 classes.

In all the fields of academia, automotive was the best profession that was actually recommended to him to pursue by his counselor in High school. He was told that he was always good with his hands and in industrial work such as automotive, shop work, wielding, mechanical drawing, and electronics. After graduating from High school, his automotive teacher encouraged him to be more than a mechanic and said he should try out to become a teacher. Through his years of teaching, he has enjoyed the new experiences every day, sharing his skills with other people, taking in new knowledge from students. His best memories are actually doing community service, and watching students faces when something funny happens, or when they misinterprets what he tells his student to do in class. Through from those experiences he has come to appreciate the different viewpoints or perspectives everyone has.

Going towards retirement, Professor Tanimoto is looking forward to get back to his old hobbies like swimming, surfing, racket ball, tennis, and hunting. He plans to do home repairs, yard work, and travel as much as he can.

Before he says his good bye, he leave these words of wisdom “What makes an individual is the ones they meet, so surrounds yourself with good people and a variety of people. Accept the good, the bad, look at other people’s mistakes, virtues, and characteristics learn from them and take in what can make you a better person.”

Mr. Tyau and Mr. Tanimoto, THANK YOU for being a great teacher! Thank you for your wisdom, patience, guidance, caring, support and ecouragement. We really appreciate everything you do. Happy Retirement!

Ending Your Semester Strong

We all know end of semester could be stressful part of our college lives and we all dread it as the time approaches. Here are a few words of advice:

1. First and foremost, know where you stand. Be sure that you have tracked what your current grade is in your course. Take time to reflect on the material you have learned and in the readings. Even if you have received high scores on all your exams, that is not an invitation to slack off and not study for your final.

2. Be sure to communicate with your instructor. This is something that should really be done every semester with all of your instructors. Establishing this relationship helps once you come closer to finals time. Even if you haven’t gone in to their office during the semester, it’s never too late. Seek your instructor for extra help if you are encountering some difficulties in the course.

3. It’s easy to think about the break coming after finals instead of focusing on the actual tasks at hand. You don’t have to cut your social life entirely, but definitely prioritize and make sure you are putting study time first.

4. Do not cram! Maybe this is something you have done before and have waited until the last-minute, sometimes from habit, or sometimes just because life happens. We do this but we all know we shouldn’t. It seems so much easier than actually planning out days of studying. But it doesn’t help! Cramming leads more often than not leads to failing.

5. Also, sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. Plan ahead with your study schedule so that you aren’t up late night before an exam. Study bit by bit every day and get the sleep you need to retain information.

Keep your head on right and focus on the next couple of weeks. Set your goals, know where you stand, and do it right! Finish your semester strong so you can enjoy your break! And just hang in there! It’ll all be over before you know it.

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Message from Tami: Graduating Students Survey

If you're graduating this semester for an Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement, please complete your Automotive Technology Graduating Students' survey. Complete this five minutes survey when you see Ann Dorado for degree/certification check or contact Tami Williams, phone: 808-455-0320.

Thank you to all students who've completed this survey. Your response will provide invaluable information for Leeward CC Automotive program!


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