By: Bailey Rogers

What is Sno-Mow?

What is Sno-Mow you are asking yourself? Sno-Mow is a business that my friend and I started in seventh grade. This year we allowed two other students to join our business so know I work with three other kids. Our business is hard work. We cut grass, rack leaves, leaf blow, weed wacker, edger, are all materials that we would use in the Mow mart of the name of the business. If it ever snows then we plow snow. Since it never snows that hard, one of our workers dad lives in Raleigh so if it snows hard there then hell go up there and do that. So with those two we come together to get Sno-Mow.

What type of business is Sno-Mow?

Sno-Mow is a partnership. We decided that a partnership would be the best business for four middle school students that aren't trying to go big. The advantages of this for us is that we probably wont go big so we cant make a corporation because we wont be big enough to do so. since we wont go big we will not have to share money with people who put a stock into our business. For us we think that the only disadvantage is that one person keeps trying to raise their percentage and we keep arguing.

How will we overcome disadvantages?

My business will face a few disadvantages at first. Our first disadvantage will be how will people find out about us? Well what we can do at first is just us our parents to tell their friends to use us. We can also put signs up in our neighborhood. Another disadvantage to me in my neighborhood is that my neighbor has a a yard lawn business that people already use in my neighborhood. I can overcome that disadvantage by starting of with cheaper prices and then also using my moms close friends to take his business because they would use me.
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Will our business be a Union Labor?

No, our business will not be a Union Labor. The reason for this is because there are four of us that have different amount of percentage of the business own. Mallik and I who started it last year own 40 percent of the business each. Griffith owns 15 percent and Chris owns 5 percent of the business. We have all already talked about this decision of how much each person owns and everyone agrees with this decision. WELL OF COURSE WE SPLIT THE MONEY ON OUR PERCENTAGE.
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How will my business Go Green?

My business will Go Green by picking up trash that is left in yards. Our business will help the community because we will help the yards that we take care of look nice. After we make enough money we will put a certain percent of money into buying electric yard materials so that we wont be polluting with the gas.
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