Media Literacy

The media is a way for people to hear about current events and to stay connected with people that they may not see all of the time. Unfortunately the media has changed gone in a direction that it was never supposed to go in. Cyber bullying is such a big problem amongst anyone who uses the internet. You do not even have to be a famous person to have people saying nasty things to you. I know that I personally have had a fake Twitter account made about me. Whoever it was used a picture that I posted on my Instagram and as their picture and they began to make extremely hateful tweets. It was a terrible situation to be in. I can never understand how one person could do that to another. Luckily Twitter monitors people who do things like that very closely and that account was shut down it about two hours. I think that cyber bullying is one of the biggest if not the biggest problems with social media. I don’t know who made that fake Twitter account about me and I will probably never know who did it but I rather something like that happen to me over something like that happening to a person who is not as strong as me. I feel that I am a very strong person and that whole situation did make me sad but that was about it. I did not feel the need to try to harm myself. Some people are not as strong as others and would not be able to handle things like that.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Superbowl Puppy Commerical

The commercial that Budweiser Beer Company made for the Super Bowl suggests that people do not care about outside appearances; they will be friends with whomever they chose. Budweiser supports this suggestion by showing us the various obstacles that the puppy went through to be with his friend the horse. The author’s purpose is to show that people do not care about appearances on the outside; it’s what is on the inside that counts. Budweiser shows this in an informal tone for people of all ages.


Yesterday on highway 85 a vicious pit bull attacked an innocent unsuspecting tractor trailer that was caring flowers. The driver, Bob Driver was shaking when we interviewed him after this horrific accident happened. Bob says, “This pit came out of nowhere and just attacked my truck. I don’t know how but it ripped a hole in the side of my truck.”

It took police and animal control 4 hours and 100 tranquilizer darts to get the pit bull sedated. There were 436 people crowded around this horrific seen watching this seen unfold.

We had the chance to look at the truck after the police got the seen secure. We noticed that every single flower had been ripped to shreds. We think that for some reason the pit just did not like flowers.

Something needs to be done about these vicious animals. We cannot stand to lose anymore semi-trucks carrying flowers. The flower company made a statement to us today that they are declaring an official state of crisis due to the lack of flowers, all because of one dog.


Martian Luther King was born on December 19, 1899. He was raised as any normal child would have been raised. No one looked at his skin color. Everyone seemed to completely ignore it. So he slowly worked his way up in the world, becoming good acquaintances with well-liked governs and senators. Soon he found himself being friends with the Franklin D Roosevelt. On January 30, 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Martian Luther King as Chancellor of the United States of America. Frankly the world was shocked because no one even knew that the president was capable of such a thing, but King was so well known and liked by everyone that everyone was excited by the idea. The world did not know that King has a secret.

Even though he was well liked by very powerful white men he secretly despised them. He hated everything they stood for. He always thought there was no true freedom with the white man in charge. So he devised a plan so evil that people would never forget his name. King decided that the only way that he and his men could ever truly know the sweet taste of freedom he would have to kill off every sing white ma. King wanted to open a concentration camp to put his plan into action. This camp was only for the poorest of the poor for the white community. He got Roosevelt to agree to it by saying it would give them food, shelter, and water. At first Roosevelt was unsure of what to think about this proposition but he eventually agreed to it. King opened his first concentration camp on March 20, 1933. The world did not know that this would be the first of many.

In this first concentration camp there was no reason to force anyone to go. People willingly signed up to go because they thought that it would be a better life for them than the one that they were currently enduring. These people had nothing, but they were promised everything. They were promised nice apartment with air conditioning, meals 3 times a day, and vacation time. All they had to do to earn this was to do the simple jobs that they were required to do. When they got to the camp they were in for a rude awakening.

Pretty soon more and more camps were being opened and more and more people were being put in them, but this time it was by force. Roosevelt was so trusting of King that he didn’t realized that all of his people were being sent to these camps. Even people in the military were being sent and African Americans were taking their place. Eventually it was just the people in power who were left to go to these camps. Thousands of white people were dying and the whole world had no idea.

King is getting worried about his little secret though. Somehow word is getting out about his camps and he is forced to put the rest of the white population who live in the United States into concentration camps sooner than he thought he would have to. This was everyone, including his friend Franklin D Roosevelt. The day that Roosevelt was placed in his camp he asked King why and King replied with “simply because I can”.

Even though he had every white person in concentration camps somehow word got around to the rest of the world and the North Korean army came and shut down King and his entire operation. King killed himself on April 30, 1945.

I chose this event because it would be interesting to see how the world would be if the white people were the ones in trouble.


Escaping life to experience death

The song I chose was “Bottom of the River” by Delta Rae. This song is about a father killing his son because someone who is just as evil as the devil is after his son. It is very twisted just like 1984. This song makes me think of 1984 because Winston is always paranoid that the thought police will be coming to get him. For the first half of the story he is convinced that Julia is a part of the thought police and he wants to smash her face in with a rock. Having the feeling that someone is always watching you must be terrible and it makes me think that maybe if someone realized how wrong the world they lived in actually was they would prevent the next generation from existing. Granted it is really sad to kill your own flesh and blood it may be your last option in order to know without a shadow of doubt that this is the best thing for this person. If Winston would have perished earlier in his life then he never would have gone through being starved and beaten. But then again there would be no life in the world if everyone died just so they didn’t have to go through bad things. You must experience the bad to enjoy the good. In the song the father is forcing the child to escape life and experience death. Would Winston have been better off if his mother had done the same for him?

Life Lessions

This class has certainly taught me more than I thought it would when I first entered it in the beginning of the semester. I was highly doubtful that I was going to learn anything about myself because it was called Media Literacy I thought we were just going to be talking about the media but I was in for a real surprise. I feel this class has taught me that even if no one else agrees with me I should still voice my opinions no matter what. Throughout this class I have been a lone ranger on most of the controversial discussions. For the most part it was the whole class against Amanda. For a while it really bothered me because I was tired of having the class against me (when I say class I mean everyone including my teacher) but then I asked myself, why do you care? I did not care if everyone in the class was against me because I know my stance on things and I always voice my opinions no matter what. I asked myself, why would you care now? What are these people going to do to you? Talk about you? That happens all the time. There were times when I was getting personally offended so why would I not stand up for myself? If they can offend me then I felt they wanted me to bring it on, but there is a polite way to voice your opinions and I think that is something I should still to work on. I usually feel that when I am being attacked I need to come back ten times harder but it would be a beneficial speak to them in a more adult manner so they look stupid not me. I have been ultimately surprised and pleased with what this semester has taught me. I feel that I can take some of these lessons and use them when I get into college and start my career because not everyone is going to agree with me but that does not mean that both parties have to get offended. There should be voicing opinions and agreeing to disagree not trying to convert opinions from one side of the argument to another. I like this class so much more than other Language Arts classes because it is not all about reading and making good test scores it is about thinking about yourself and problems within the world. Something that could make this class better would be less writing work and more discussions. I know that for me personally I learn better when things are being talked about not when I am doing a worksheet.