1st Grade Newsletter

November 16 - 20, 2015

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One more week until Thanksgiving Break. School will be closed during the week of November 23rd - 27th.


Math--Telling Time to the hour and half hour on an analog and digital clock

AT HOME MATH: Randomly throughout the week, ask your child "What time is it?" Make sure to practice on both digital and analog clocks (like a watch).

Reading--Analyze Story Structure

After reading a story, students should be able to describe the characters (people and animals in the story), setting (where the story took place), and retell the story (what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story) both orally and in their writing.

Grammar--Verbs and Exclamation Marks

Verbs are the things we do: run, walk, play, talk, sleep...

Exclamation marks are a type of punctuation mark we use to show EXCITEMENT in our writing!!!!

Social Studies--Thanksgiving Customs and Family Traditions

Students will share their family's Thanksgiving traditions, and then we will compare them to the customs of the First Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and Indians.

Spelling--Test on Friday, November 20th

Spelling Pattern: "sneaky e"

1. make

2. take

3. came

4. game

5. gate

6. late

7. page

8. space

9. why

10. school


11. fraction

12. November

Reminder: No Toys Allowed at School


Please remember that children are not allowed to bring toys, small trinkets, or Pokemon Cards to school, unless their teacher lets you know it is allowed for a special occasion. We are having more and more students bring these toys to school, which is causing a distraction from their learning. Thank you for helping us remind the kids to keep their toys at home.

-First Grade Teachers

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Nov. 14th--Casey's Kids Fun Run

November 23rd - 27th--NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Holidays

Friday, Dec. 18th--Class Winter Parties @ 11:00

Friday, Dec. 18th--Early Release @ 12:00

December 21st - January 4th--NO SCHOOL, Winter Break

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. Wright, Ms. Gage, Ms. Cook, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. King, Mrs. Dossey, Mrs. Stanford (from left to right)

Conference time: 1:45 - 2:45