Happy Fall from Miss Kollen!

How Did a Month Go By Already?!

Happy Autumn Families!

Wow, time sure has flown by here in Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies! I can't believe it's already October. Now, the weather just has to catch up and remember it's Fall.

Here in LA and Social Studies, the kids are getting acclimated to being leaders at Visitation and are working to setting good examples for all the younger students.

Updates from the Classroom

Language Arts Update

In Language Arts, the 5/6 graders are learning all about the "Recipe for Fiction". We are utilizing different short stories to learn how to ask good questions, mapping out plot, and using context clues to find the meanings of tricky vocabulary.

In 7/8, we have been digging deep into Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery". It's worth spending so much time on, as we are discussing setting, mood, conflict, and theme. Soon, we will transition into another equally rich short story.

Next week both classes will start their classroom novels!

Social Studies Update

The 7/8 students just wrapped up a chapter on the Ancient Hebrews! It was an interesting look at the history of the Biblical figures they know so well.

The 5/6 students are currently reading about Hunter-Gathers and how humans migrated to different areas of the world! We had fun talking about why humans did not migrate to Antartica!

MAP Testing

The Middle School has been MAP testing for the last week. MAP stands for "Measures Academic Progress", and they have taken both Language Arts and Math tests on the computer.

They will take this test three times throughout the year, and it is a fun (I promise) way to see how your students are growing and achieving this year!