The Treatment For Individuality

By: David Byrd


By Senses Fail

Let It Enfold You, 2004

I chose this song to start with because it represents the mental conflict of an adolescent, and the approach of parents to "fix" their child.

Institutionalized - Senses Fail (Lyrics)

Turn Back

By Prozak

Paranormal, 2012

This song gives a reason behind mental insufficiency and a solution. Its pretty much saying how even though there's all these unanswered questions about life its nothing anyone else doesn't put up with. It says how it may be tough, but no one can do it but you. The moral of the story is that no one can help you solve the puzzle in your mind like you can.

Prozak - Turn Back - Official Music Video

Without Walls

By Memphis May Fire

Challenger, 2012

This song is for the people who are having these substances shoved down their throats by people who don't know what it'll do to them. If they are subjecting people to this treatment, then what exactly is the standard for sanity that these people do not meet. Who set this standard. Is variation among peoples minds a bad thing. These people may be seeking help but making them rely on a substance for sustenance is a temporary solution, especially considering the statistical results.

Memphis May Fire - Without Walls


By Rise Against

The Sufferer & the Witness, 2006

People shouldn't be taught to rely on a substance for stability. The entire concept of a drug that fixes you is the basis of addiction, and also leads people to believe that there was something wrong in the first place. There are those who have imbalances and there are those who think they do. The whole thought process leads the drugged individual to believe they're incapable without their drug, so therefore they stop trying and put the choice in someone who says they know what they're talking about, like a doctor. The fact of the matter, however, is the study of psychology is so broad that we've only just scratched the surface aside from theories. No doctor truly knows what they're doing to you.

Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee & Drones (with lyrics)


By Upon A Burning Body

The World Is My Enemy Now, 2014

My personal opinion is that everyone's brain is rigged to do what it needs to do. Altering someones brain is like taking away their future and personality. Under some circumstances, a general view would say that some people are too screwed up for their own good, and that I agree with, but there are too many people on medicine for various social and mental disorders. There used to be pride in differences among people, but now if you have the slightest period of sadness then you're deemed depressed. If you're creative, you have ADD. If you have a wired personality, you have ADHD. If you have a passionate belief that you're right, you have anger issues.There's no reason why people can't be themselves without being judged as flawed for it.

Upon A Burning Body - Scars