Schlotzsky's Deli

Why should you franchise with us?


What does it cost to start a Schlotzsky's?

  • Initial fee- $30,000
  • Low investment- $503,814
  • High investment- $786,984
  • Supplies- $25,000
  • Permits- $1,000
  • Training- $37,000
  • Advertising- $25,000 initial and (4% compounded annually)
  • Insurance- $8,000
  • Equipment- $220,000
  • Building is completely up to you and out of your pocket

Not convinced this is for you?

The average profits of a one year term with Schlotzsky's exceed one million dollars...

This means you get your money back within a year!!!!

How many other franchises can offer that!

Things you'll love about us...

  • Family started and corporately owned
  • Multi billion dollar company
  • Deli and sandwich company... Which is increasingly more popular
  • Ease of management and ease of setup...
  • LOW ROYALTIES- 6% of all sales!!!

Why help me invest here?

  • I have a passion for deli sandwiches
  • I am goal oriented and ready to work to accomplish my goals
  • I love managing business
  • After researching this business, I have found if kept up with WILL be profitable

What is the community set for?

  • Schlotzsky's is a deli fast casual food chain and is oriented toward middle age to later age people (30-75)
  • Schlotzsky's NORMALLY pays their employees $10-$12/hr entry with room for growth
  • If it hit Lindale, to my knowledge, it would be the ONLY deli sandwich shop in the area, hence, PRACTICALLY NO COMPETITION!!!
  • Lindale has low crime rates as compared to other cities and the average age of residents is 34 years old

Great Franchise

  • The BBB has had zero cooperate complaints, any complaints have been on an individual level
  • Schlotzsky's has been known for having a reputation amongst its employees and franchisees
  • No known lawsuits
  • Where you place the business is ALMOST completely up to you
  • Training is provided by corporate but you must pay the training costs
  • They decorate and provide supplies once you have a building built or bought

When and Where

  • Schlotzsky's was created in 1971 and immediately started franchising in 1976 out of Austin, Texas

Schlotzsky's Corprate

Where to contact Schlotzsky's for more information