Cris Lopez


Setting Goals

  • Academic Goals: Get a 4.00 GPA in high school.
  • Athletic Goals: Join a soccer team.
  • Personal Goals: Go to my sisters collage.


  • Teachers/Coaches: Mr.Jezowski, Ms.Hikman, and Ms.Wittman.
  • Relatives: My sister that went to collage and my parents.
  • Friends: Diego and Gabriel.

Overcoming Obstacles

  • Physical Obstacles: I have holes in my heart and I tried to play soccer,but I couldn't.
  • School Obstacles: I get too much homework and I get stressed out.
  • Financial Obstacles: we don't have enough money to put me in a sport.

Personal Action Plan

  • Attitude/Motivation Plan: I plan to try to stay calm and I'll orginize the days to do my work that is due the next day and projects that are due next week?
  • Education/Training Plan: I will take notes in every class and stay after class if I need help on any of the homework, or projects.
  • Plan for acquiring needed skills: I need to study hard in high school and get a good GPA.
  • Plan for study and practice: I will study hard when I have time and if I get a job and in my break I'll study.