On the DT Lions, Calvin Johnson Jr.

And his stats


Calvin Johnson Jr. plays for the Detriot Lions. With Matthew Staffoord, Calvin Johnson has become a great Reciever. One of the reasons he is so good is he is bulky, at 29 years old he stands 6 ft. 5 in. and weighs 236 lbs. this also makes differnt allowing to have great reach and getting higher than the defender to grab the pass.

Ratios, Calvin Johnson's 2013 stats to his average


type 2013 to Average


Touchdowns- 12 to 9

Longest run- 87 to 72.16

Total yards- 1492 to 1306

Fumbles- 1 to 2

Record- 84 to 81.3

Next Game

He has had one fumble through out the entire season so i doubt he will have one. Since his average amount of touchdowns per season is nine and he has already topped that I think he will have at least 1-2 touchdowns. His average long run is 72.16 so I think that is the length of his longest run.I think he will have around 1,300 total yards because his average is 1,306.