Videos, Podcasts, and Online Tools

a few awesome FREE RESOURCES for teachers

An Introduction to this Project

As I have delved into the interesting - and at times frustrating - world of online teaching resources, I have found that not all resources are created equal. Some promise the moon, but they lack any decent content or easy-to-use format or its not free. In this article, I have compiled a short list from myriads of possible online resources. They ALL have worthwhile content, are easy to use, and are completely FREE!


Here are 5 online videos that either can be used in the high school social studies classroom or will aid you as an educator.
Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

Crash Course on Youtube

The following three videos are chocked full of information as well as entertaining. But beware, it is condensed history lessons and the amount of information will make your brain hurt! There are over 40 videos of similar quality on all areas of world history and theories on the youtube page. There are also dozens of videos on other school subjects.
The Persians & Greeks: Crash Course World History #5
‎2,000 Years of Chinese History! The Mandate of Heaven and Confucius: World History #7
Decolonization and Nationalism Triumphant: Crash Course World History #40


Here are 5 podcasts from the itunes store that can be used to help with high school social studies content in the classroom.


This podcast includes 23 episodes ranging from topics in imperialism to the civil war to World War II to creating the constitution.


This podcast includes 50 episodes entirely devoted to AP content for US History class. Everything that needs to be covered in an APUSH classroom is here!

A Forgotten History: The Slave Trade and Slavery in New England

By The Choices Program
These podcasts, produced by the Choices Education Program at Brown University, bring university scholars into secondary level classrooms. They are designed to be used along with printed curriculum materials that are available at The printed curriculum unit A Forgotten History: The Slave Trade and Slavery in New England explores the effects of the trade in slaves and of slavery itself for the new Americans of the time. The unit helps students to understand how history, and the telling of history, affects us today. For more information visit

Educational Videos: Discovering Jamestown

An Electronic Classroom Adventure for Teachers and Students
Here are 5 episodes covering the topic of Jamestown, the first English settlement in the future United States of America.

Podcasts from Peru By Allysen Clancy

Educational podcast in English and Spanish from a Rotary Group Study Exchange program to Peru.


Here are 10 free online websites and tools for various teaching needs ranging from social studies content to how to include copyright safe materials in the classroom.

Cool Tools for School Wiki - Creative Commons materials
This resource includes links and descriptions to a couple dozen sites where both you and the students can find non-copyrighted images (creative commons). It includes flickr, wylio, compfight, clker, and more!

Scoop it! Tools

The following resources can be found on scoop it! describes itself as a place to:

"Share ideas that matter on beautiful topic pages.
Cut through the noise on Social Media." is a content curation platform, where users can curate information about any topic they want. Once you sign up, you will be able to create a topic of your choice (no limits) and start curating information. The site is geared towards providing users a very quick and easy way to “scoop” any information that you feel is relevant to the topic you have chosen. There are several ways you can do this, the easiest being via a drag and drop tool that you add directly on your browser. United States History

Here is a link to a U.S. Imperialism Project someone did and then it was "scoop"ed. japanese cultural history

Here is a link to a list of "scoop"ed articles and sources on Japanese Culture. (

This website is a lifesaver when you don't have internet in the classroom. Was there a video on youtube you planned to share with your class? But the internet at your school is totally sketchy? Here's the place for you!

Download videos and music for free

Online, fast and easy. No additional software required.


The last 5 resources are all games and fun warm-up activities you can do with you class.

QR Code Treasure / Scavenger Hunt

Submit some questions and answers, then Classtools turns them into QR codes for you to hide around school in a 'treasure hunt' exercise! Create one now!

Gymnasium for Brain

Sharpen your mind and improve ability to think outside the box. A selection of puzzles to rev up the brain cells.

I'm in like with you <3

A lot of games including jigsawce, dinglepop, blockers, tracism and a really great one called draw my thing which is like online Pictionary.

Virtual Book

Turn any piece of prose into a virtual book!

Just use the 'Add Text' function to paste in your text.

Then, simply turn the pages by clicking on them.

It's a simple and effective way of breaking up a long piece of prose to make it easier to analyse and discuss as a class.


With over 20,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, quizzes and mind puzzles submitted and ranked by users like you, Braingle has the largest collection anywhere on the internet