RAFT assignment in language arts

By: Dana Manor

Phoebe's Mom Returning Home

It's me again, Sal. As you already know, my best friend is Phoebe. Her mom left about 5 days ago. Today she came back home, but she didn't come alone. She came with a young boy. That young boy was the lunatic that Phoebe was concerned about. Me and Phoebe saw them together before, but we never realized that he was gonna come with Mrs. Winterbottom. His name is Mike. Apparently, he is Mrs. Winterbottom's son. She was afraid to tell anyone about him. She didn't want them to know that she has a son and that she gave him up for adoption. I understand why she didn't tell anyone about it, but i think that it would've been better if she told them. That way none of this would've happened. After all, the main reason why Mrs. Winterbottom left was because of that secret.

At first I was worried about Mr. Winterbottom's reaction. He looked so angry. I saw in his eyes that he couldn't believe that his wife kept that secret from him. I felt like he is never going to forgive her. After a while I was happy to see that Mr. Winterbottom forgave Mrs. Winterbottom by shaking Mike's hand. I understood that even the biggest problems can be solved, and that big mistakes can be forgiven. people that love each other will always find a way to overcome the difficulties.

We were surprised, but that wasn't my biggest worry. My biggest worry was my own mom. Don't get me wrong - I was happy for Phoebe that her mother came back, but I felt very depressed because it made me ask myself, why didn't my mom come back home? Does she not like me anymore? Did anything bad happen to her? will I ever see her again? All of those questions bothered me very much. I didn't tell anyone what I feel about my mom leaving and not coming back.