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May 3

Staffing Update

  • The diamond team is having a full day meeting tomorrow to discuss staffing (how to spread out the 26 teachers we will have next year), as well as literacy assessment; May 6 PD; the updated literacy plan; and the final ACE plan for 2016-17.
  • The division has advertised for French Immersion teachers, so we should be able to start interviewing next week.
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The school division has had to cut 2.3 million dollars...

The School Board's Driving Purpose for Decision-Making

Ensure all WCPS students are provided with a safe, caring and welcoming learning environment that continually builds towards high levels of achievement. This requires a high level of support from teachers and support staff to continually build their professional skills to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Budget Bits

  • WC no longer has operational reserves to sustain current operations.

  • The Board determined they require a $2 million operational reserve at the end of 2016-2017.

  • In an $87 million budget a reserve of this size is appropriate.

  • There are “unknowns” on the horizon that need to be considered in terms of cost items.

  • Board does have capital reserves...these are tied into identified costs (ie. bus replacement cycle, building maintenance). These cannot be pulled into the operational budget.
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To deal with a $2.3 million deficit...

  • DO staff has been reduced by at least one ILS coordinator and one manager in the maintenance department.

  • One tech department position was cut.

  • Each department's operational budget has been reduced at division office.

  • Learning coaches will be reduced to 3 for the whole division.

  • Social Workers were reduced by at least 1 fte (we've been reduced by .2 at JS).

  • The total number of educational assistants as been reduced through the division.
  • Schools' Operating Budgets have been reduced across WC by $300,000. (This is the art supplies, math manipulatives, science supplies, paper, photocopying, fine arts presentations, etc.)
  • There has been no reduction in inclusion coaches throughout the division.
  • There will be no level 3 EAs, which is a reduction of 29 EAs across the division. We only had 1 level 3 EA at JSM.
  • Level 4 EA allocations have remained the same (134 EAs) across the division.
  • Classroom teachers in 16/17 will total 338.10 fte, which is a reduction of 1.71fte from the current year.
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*Meet Little Baby Fader*

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