Clarks Creek Staff News

April 27 - May 1, 2015

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Clarks Creek students have PRIDE!

Ensuring that ALL students carry themselves with pride and confidence beyond our doors as honorable, skillful learners and thinkers, ready to enrich our world.

SCHOOL GOALS - Time to Show the Progress of the Year!

  • 40% of all students who take the ISTEP assessment will earn the maximum number of points of each problem solving question. This is an increase of 2.9% over last year’s scores.

  • 80% of all students who take the ISTEP assessment will earn a score of 4, 5, or 6 on the Writing Applications six-point rubric. This is an increase of 3.6% over last year’s scores.
  • Current fourth grade students will increase scores by at least 3% in the subcategory of Algebra & Functions, scoring 88% or higher.
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Dear Staff,

This week we were able to honor Kara Silver and Cheryl Angle at the Optimist Partners in Education dinner. While at the dinner, we were able to see the Optimist Creed, which is recited at every Optimist meeting. I've shared it below because I thought there were so many great points in it!

While research shows that optimism is also a huge factor in accomplishing a difficult task, I believe the same characteristic is also a huge factor in our students' success - not only optimism in their abilities (i.e. perseverance - if I don't succeed the first time, I know I can do it if I keep trying) but confidence in their futures.

As we enter these next several busy weeks of end-of-year assessments and ISTEP, I thought some of the statements in the Optimist's Creed might be helpful reminders for all of us. I think the fifth one down is my favorite, "To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best." I know how hard you have all been working with our students throughout the year and I fully expect that our students will show you their best! Remind them of your confidence in them and maintain your optimism!

Have a super week!


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To-Do List

  • Review the list of summer PD opportunities that will be in your mailbox on Monday. Please return the form to identify the sessions you plan to attend. We have several opportunities for some great PD and some important curriculum work.


  • Please review the revised ISTEP schedule that was sent out in a separate email. It has implications for all grade levels.
  • A candidate has been recommended to the board for our assistant principal position! The board will have an opportunity to review the recommendation and potentially approve this candidate at the May 14th board meeting. I will be able to share the name of the recommended candidate that afternoon! Special thanks to our committee members who helped with this process.
  • Summer school remediation for those who need to take IREAD-3 again will be held at our building this year instead of Brentwood during the first week of June. We will need two classrooms for this, so I'll be talking to a couple of you about the possibility of using your rooms.

10-Day Forecast of Upcoming Events

No Staff Meeting Thursday

April 27, 2015

Staff Appreciation Luncheon from Central Office

All Lunches

Teacher’s Lounge

April 27-May 15, 2015

ISTEP+ MC Assessment Gr. 3-5

April 28, 2015

District High Ability Meeting

4:00 – 5:00

Central Office

April 29, 2015

Value Student Nominations Due – Respect for Environment

April 29, 2015

Fourth grade FT to State Museum

May 4 and 5, 2015

Doris Fulwider PD

Grades 1 and 2 p.m.

May 5, 2015

District ELL Meeting

4:00 – 5:00

Central Office

May 5, 2015

6th Grade Parent Orientation @ PCMS


May 6, 2015

Nurse’s Day

May 6, 2015

Jennifer Johnson's Baby Shower

3:45 p.m.

Teacher's Lounge

May 6-7, 2015

Outdoor Education – Grade 5 Flat Rock YMCA Camp

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  • Congratulations to Karisa Miller, our 2015 Teacher of the Year! Congratulations, also to all of our staff members who were nominated. Good luck to Karisa in the Elementary Teacher of the Year level.
  • Walkathon was a huge success! Not only was it a gorgeous day to spend outside with our friends, but our generous supporters donated more than $10,500 which will be used for field trips next year!


Fifth Grade Music Program - Readin', Rockin', and 'Ritin'

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First Grade Boot Camp! Andy Mapes Works Out Miss Markowitz's Class


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