School Newsletter - 22 September

Endeavour School - September 22nd, 2022

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Principal's Message

Kia ora Parents, Caregivers, Students and our wider community.

As we enter into the final weeks of our term I am able to once again look back fondly on the many experiences that our children were able to have both inside and outside the classroom. The many challenges, along with opportunities have been met with courage and enthusiasm.

On Monday, I chatted to the children about a language we all hold but are often unaware of; our body language. Our body language is a form of expressive language that more often than not communicates the way in which we feel, whether it be a reactionary, reflective, or a more deeper expression. People with high EQ are more attuned to body language and have a lens for it.

My message to the children was to first be aware of your own body language, its influence, and the way that it can shape your attitude. Secondly, part of being an Endeavour Citizen (one of our ETC's) is to consider and influence others. How might we use this form of language to do this in a positive way?

Tonight I am looking forward to being a part of my first Endeavour School Disco. I will be sure to bring my dancing shoes, along with the many children that choose to join us.

Thank you once again for supporting our team and your children through this term. We are grateful, and as a community, you are appreciated.

Warm regards


Staffing update

I would just like to take a brief moment to update you on a couple of staffing changes here at school.

At the end of this term, we will be sadly farewelling Lucy Hendry our school Receptionist. Lucy has won the position of Executive Assistant to Marcus Freke at the Ministry of Education. While it leaves a sizeable gap for us, it is an excellent opportunity for Lucy and we wish her all the very best.

In addition, next term we welcome Mrs Chloe Yates into LC2 as an additional full-time teacher. Chloe brings with her over 10 years of experience as a junior classroom teacher and we are delighted to have her expertise within this space.

Key Dates:

Please see below the key dates for Term 3. These can also be found on our APP under the Calendar button.

  • Thursday 22nd September - School Disco
  • Thursday 22nd September - Hero Posts will go live
  • Friday 30th September - End of Term 3


Kindo Help and Tips

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Paper Doll Project

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We wanted to say a big thank you to our community for Daffodil Day Fundraising. In total, we raised $594.40 for the Cancer Society.

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Whats Been Happening?

Congratulations Paige and Taylor Hamilton for winning the All Smilez Big Art School Competition. We hope you enjoy your 4 months free online art lessons!

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Local Art Classes For Kids

SPACES AVAILABLE - Rototuna or Chartwell - end-of-term trials or holiday workshops. Super small classes focusing on skills and confidence. A qualified art teacher of 25+ yrs.

You may have seen the kids' art in Impresso Cafe (between Tui Medical and Subway in the Rototuna Shopping)

HARAKEKE ART (second week of holidays)

COFFEE ART (week 9 after school)

I also have positions for homeschoolers in daytime classes in Term 4 so please pass on my details to anyone you know who is learning outside of a normal school.

Mrs Singh's Literacy Group

For the last couple of weeks in LC4, Mrs Singh's Literacy group along with some additional students have been exploring insects. Mrs Scott from the House of Science brought in some real insects that had been preserved in resin and the students were able to make close observations under a simple digital microscope and make some observational drawings.

The students are learning to be entomologists. They are learning to gather and interpret data as scientists and ask informed questions about science issues. They have also been learning scientific vocabulary such as exoskeleton, mandible, and camouflage.

Our Duck Island Ice Cream Finalist

Duck Island Ice Cream recently ran a Flavour Creators competition for Year 0-8 kids from all over Aotearoa to invent an ice cream flavour. They received over 6000 entries and Olivia was picked as one of three finalists and had her ice cream made by the Duck Island team for all the class to try.

Olivia’s flavour, Crystal Canyon, was picked as they loved the name and all the fun textures and flavours she thought of to go into her ice cream. They also loved her illustration and thought it looked just like a crystal-covered canyon. Her flavour was made with a chocolate ice cream base, Smarties (only using the colours that matched her drawing!), popping candy coated in chocolate and cookie dough chunks.

The finalists will be announced by Duck Island today and the overall winner will be announced this Friday. This flavour will available to try in Duck Island stores from this weekend and through the school holidays. All profits from the sale of this flavour will go back to the winning school to help fund projects around innovation, creativity and science.

A huge well done to Olivia!

Amazing Writing by Sam Hiley

Waves were thrashing, I was petrified. They towered over me, taller than a giraffe. Suddenly… CRASH a massive wave just hit me.

I felt like a bulldozer just flattened me. Icy salt water gushed through my nose. Intense saltiness of the water blindfolded me. A wave of pain gushed over me and then I realised I was the only person there. There was no coastguard, no people there to save me.

I accepted my fate. I was going to perish at the hands of my best friend in the ocean.

Mrs Toombs’s rōpū mahi toi (Art group) have researched masks from different cultures around the world. We explored their use and cultural significance, and then created likenesses.

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In Mr Castle’s arts blast we have been creating music with instruments that the students made. We had to research what materials we could use to make the best sound.

Friends of Endeavour PTA

Whittaker's Chocolate - A big thank you to all the students and families that took part in the sales. We were blown away by the support of this fundraiser. Our top sellers received their prizes at Monday's assembly.

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Reminders from the Friends of Endeavour PTA

Yummy Apple Stickers

Please remember to bring your stickers to school by Friday the 23rd of September so we can send them off before term 3 ends.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday the 25th of October at 7pm in the staffroom, all are welcome to attend.

Community Notices

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Soccer United Football Supplies is Hamilton’s newest soccer store – determined to meet all your soccer requirements. We are located at 137 Alexandra st (very close to Garden place). We hold heaps of kids boots, shinpads and footballs and other training equipment. We hold a lot of Northern United shorts and socks as well. If you do pop into the shop use the secret code ‘Mr Booth likes soccer more than rugby’ and get a discount off your purchase. Check us out online and facebook and we hope to see you soon.” 07 5950700

2022 Term Dates

Term Three: Monday 25th July 2022 - Friday 30th September 2022

Term Four: Monday 17th October 2022 - Friday 16th December 2022