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Facts about computers and more

Facts about desktop PCs

Desktop PCs are the best for gaming and minecraft. It comes with a tower next to it, and a place to insert a disc. Also it has a mouse and it's ideal for a house. The tower controls the computer because it has a chip which is basically the brain of the computer.£200-£2000

Facts about laptops

Laptops are useful for jobs and people who work away from home. Laptops do not have a sensitive screen because they have a pad in the middle instead. Inside a laptop there is a chip that controls the laptop. A laptop has a smaller hardrive than a computer.£100-£900

Facts about smart phones

Smart phones are useful for calling and using the Internet on a small screen. Inside a smart phone their is a tiny hardrive. Smart phones are priced at £40-£640. Technology has really come on in smart phones because now you can go on pictures and now they move.
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Facts about a tablet

Tablets have a touch screen and they are bigger than a smart phone, tablets do not have a mouse or keyboard but you can now add them on. They contain a camera to take selfies and have an safari or Internet (Google.) They are £100 - £450
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