Macbeth- Final Unit

Assessment and Final Essay

Your Two Responsibilities

This week you are responsible for two things, taking your at home assessment, and finishing your compare/contrast essay. The assessment and turn-in directions for the essay are both found to the right.

1) Prepare for your Assessment!

Your Guided Reading Notes are your best study tool for this assessment! Read through them before taking the 'at-home-assessment'.

2) Prepare for your Essay

Prompt: Oedipus Rex, Beowulf, and Macduff (of Macbeth) were all heroes. One was a "tragic hero", one was an epic hero, and the other a "romantic hero", but they were heroes none the less. In a 5 paragraph essay, compare, and contrast Macduff with both Oedipus and Beowulf.

Are you crazy??? These guys weren't heroes???? Take a look at this video that does a pretty good job of reviewing what types of heroes there are. It will help you on your paper for sure!

A host of heroes - April Gudenrath

Now that you can see how these three are heroes- let's talk about writing a compare/contrast paper

Comparison / Contrast Essays

I'd love to help you, so let me know if you need help along the way :) - Mrs. Peacock