Monday Memo

May 9, 2016

Just think, it's only Monday!

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Twitter Week in Review. Week of May 2

Don't forget to include #RiceRavens in your tweets!


Today was a pretty hectic day, but overall I think it has been a great success. Thanks to each of you for helping out and providing different learning opportunities for our students. These testing days can be very difficult, especially when only a portion of the students are being tested. We definitely appreciate your patience, support, and willingness to help on days like these!

Teacher of the Year Gala

When you get a chance, please wish Jennifer Thome the best of luck going into Thursday night. This is the date of the district Teacher of the Year Gala where all experienced Teachers of the Year will be recognized.

Congratulations again, Jennifer, for being recognized as the Rice Teacher of the Year. Also, congratulations to David Holliday for being recognized as the Beginning Teacher of the Year.

PISD Bond Election

Thank you for your part in helping promote the PISD Bond Election. In case you weren't aware, the bond passed with just under 80% in favor. Shows the great support we have in the community.


We have our Ravenfest next Friday after school from 3:30-5:30. This is for all of our students and we will have plenty of activities for them to participate in. The students love to see their teachers, please try to stop by and say hello to your students.

Progress Reports

We originally thought the middle to the end of this week would be good to send home progress reports, but we are going to plan to send these home NEXT Monday, May 16. We have less than 4 weeks left of school, please make sure any concerns have been communicated with parents.

Please make sure grades are updated prior to 9 a.m. on Monday.


Make sure you have the following dates on your calendar.

May 10:

STAAR Grades 6-7 Reading

STAAR Grade 8 Reading Retest

May 11:

STAAR Grade 8 Science

May 12:

STAAR Grade 8 Social Studies

May 31-June 3:

Semester Exams

Hours in Lieu of Working June 6, 2016

  • Teachers can work June 6, 2016.
  • Teachers can document 7.5 hours in lieu of working on June 6. The 7.5 hours are time spent in campus professional learning that are outside of the typical campus work day. These are hours that a teacher can document from August 2015, until the end of the year.
  • Teacher could use a personal business day in lieu of working June 6, 2016.
  • Teachers document these hours and submit the documentation to you. You keep the documentation on campus.

May 27th

This is a student holiday, but is a teacher work day/professional development day. There will be some work with departments on that day.

RMS Shout Out!

Don't forget to give a shout out to those staff members who are going above and beyond! You can use #RMSShoutOut on Twitter, or go to this Google Classroom to post.

Social Media and Technology Trends

Thanks again to all of you who have been utilizing social media in your classroom and also those who have been trying out new technology features with your students.

Don't forget to add @RiceMSRavens and #RiceRavens to any tweet, so I can retweet it out!

Sara sent out information regarding a new tool she learned about at an EDCamp a few weeks ago.

Thank you Linda Fleming for being the latest to tackle Twitter to showcase what the students are doing in your classroom!

I am definitely encouraged by the enthusiasm and willingness of the staff to take the plunge and find new ways to make learning fun at Rice!

Wednesday WICORs In One Place!

Great informational resources for you to apply in the classroom. This is updated weekly with Craig McKinney's latest and greatest ideas.


May 9:

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May 13:

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Events for the Week

6/7th Grade STAAR Reading and 8th Grade STAAR Reading Retake

Tuesday, May 10th, 8:30am

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

NJHS Induction Practice

Tuesday, May 10th, 3:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

Quiet Book Study Meeting #7

Tuesday, May 10th, 3:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

8th Grade STAAR Science

Wednesday, May 11th, 8:30am

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

6th Grade Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, May 11th, 3:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

NJHS Induction Ceremony

Wednesday, May 11th, 6:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

8th Grade STAAR Social Studies

Thursday, May 12th, 8:30am

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

6th Grade Choir Practice

Thursday, May 12th, 3:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

PISD Teacher of the Year Gala

Thursday, May 12th, 6pm

2000 East Spring Creek Parkway

Plano, TX

6th Grade Festival Band to Peak Music Festival

Friday, May 13th, 9:30am

10700 Legacy Drive

Frisco, TX


Friday, May 13th, 3:30-5:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

Book Fair Begins

Friday, May 13th, 12pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX