Foods that Heal

Danielle White

Relevance to Nutrition & Wellness

This topic is relevant to Nutrition and Wellness because it has to do with healthy foods. In Nutrition and Wellness we learn about all types of food and how to keep your body and yourself healthy. Foods that heal are foods that help your body become stronger and help you recover from all different kinds of things.

Why do I feel this is important? How does it relate to me?

I feel that this is important for people that need healing and for sick or injured people. This is important because it is a good way to heal your body by eating enough food.This topic relates to me because I want to be a nurse and I want to be able to help people in any way they need. So by helping their bodies by eating and healing them I can help them in many ways.

Is this a trend or a recurring issue?

Foods that heal is one of the biggest healthy food trends. This is definitely not an issue because it helps the body with healing. Foods that heal are certain foods that fight for your body and help your body grow.



What population does this affect?

This affects the aging population because to stay healthy as you grow up you should know what foods you should eat to help you stay healthy and in shape. So basically this can help any population. Even though you should focus on the sick people by helping restore their sick bodies and helping them become stronger in whatever way they need.

How can we meet the needs of my topic?

We can meet the needs of my topic by knowing certain foods and what they do for your body. You can always ask a doctor about what foods can help you and what can heal your body.Knowing what foods are good for your body is a great way to prevent illness. Knowing the foods that you need is very important to stay healthy throughout your life.

What did I find most interesting throughout my research?

What I found the most interesting was that it affects almost every age group because in order to stay healthy throughout your life you need to know and eat the right foods for your body as you grow up and I think that is important for everyone to know no matter how old or young.