Lycoming Career & Technology Center

January 2023 HIGHLIGHTS

LycoCTC Vision, Mission, & Core Values

Earlier this school year we started the process of identifying what we want the future of our school to look like, analyzing the overall goal of the school, and what it is we value most in the way we work together. A survey was created and shared with our local and occupational advisory groups, superintendents, staff, and students of LycoCTC. This input was used to create the vision statement and adopt our core values. The mission statement of our school was already in place and continues to align with the overall vision and goals.

The vision, mission, and core values below were recently approved by our Joint Operating Committee. We are excited to continue striving towards our vision and look forward to celebrating the many accomplishments of our students and staff along the way as we hold on to our core values.

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The Lycoming Career and Technology Center is pleased to announce Caitlyn Smith as LycoCTC Rotary Student of the Month for January 2023. Caitlyn, daughter of Rick and Kelly Smith of Muncy, PA, has received this honor based upon her outstanding work ethic, attendance, behavior, community service, and the recommendation of her LycoCTC Health Careers instructor.

A Muncy High School senior, Caitlyn is a member of the LycoCTC Student Advisory Committee and is in her third year at LycoCTC.

Following graduation in June 2023, Caitlyn plans on attending the Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Bachelor of Science Nursing program, becoming an RN, and working as an emergency room nurse.

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SkillsUSA District Competition

SkillsUSA district competition is February 2nd and 3rd at Pennsylvania College of Technology. We have over 40 students participating in 28 different events. There are students attending from each LycoCTC program with representation from each one of our sending districts.

A group of Construction students are discussing blueprints with Ms. Cooley (SkillsUSA Advisor) as they prepare for the Construction Team Works competition.

Tracy Clayton, the owner of Kathy's Cafe, came in to help our Culinary students prepare for the Cake Decorating contest!

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Students in Automotive 1 are learning to install cylinder heads to a car engine. They also created a platform for an air compressor.
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Students are learning engine building and engine performance. They also rebuilt the air conditioning and cooling systems on a Ford Expedition.
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Students in Construction are learning about Residential Electrical Circuits.


Students gave group presentations on cloud computing services - Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service - and the unique characteristics of each.


Students are learning about crime scene investigation. They are learning to sketch the crime scene. They will measure the evidence, document it in their legend and provide demographic information about the crime scene.


SSG Tallent did an MRE challenge with the Culinary students. They picked an MRE and had to create a meal with all the ingredients.

They also did a short stack challenge. Chef Anstadt told them they needed to create 3 short stack plates, one with bacon and two with sausage.


The children that attend the Early Childhood Education's LycoTykes preschool are working hard at learning new things! The student teachers created lesson plans about shape recognition.


Level 1 Health Students are practicing measuring and documenting patient vital signs (Temperature, Pulse, Respirations, and Blood Pressure).


Level 2 students: Recently finished learning about the Digestive System and are currently learning about the Urinary System.

Level 3 students: They are reviewing content in preparation for the written NOCTI exam scheduled for March. In the lab, students recently learned how to prepare simulated urine samples for the lab, transfer patients using a Hoyer lift, and give a complete bed bath.


We have 10 students currently participating in our Cooperative Education Program.

Sophia Briel-East Lycoming, working at Bostly's and Renn Elementary

Ashlin Harris- Montoursville, working at Loyalsock Valley Elementary

Brook Wack-East Lycoming, Wolf Run Village

Reese Moon- East Lycoming, Kathy's Cafe

Zoe Moyer-East Lycoming, UPMC Muncy

Riley Gordner-East Lycoming, UPMC Muncy

Kassidy Mayer-East Lycoming, UPMC Muncy

Eli Lucas-Montoursville, Wolf Run Village

Mersaydeez Barto-East Lycoming, Wolf Run Village

BrookeLynn Walters- East Lycoming, Wolf Run Village


Dakota Wright - East Lycoming 2018 - Automotive Technology

Dakota Wright is a 2018 graduate from East Lycoming School District. He was in the LycoCTC Automotive program. During his time at Lyco he participated in the Cooperative Education program during his senior year at Bestline Equipment and landed a full time job there after graduation. After graduation he attended Pennsylvania College of Techology. He is now the owner of his own business, Wright's Repairs.

Pictured below is Dakota doing a presentation of rebuilding a hydraulic cylinder.

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SkillsUSA District Competition- February 2nd & 3rd

National Technical Honor Society Induction- February 8th

Joint Operating Committee Meeting-February 16th

Teacher In-Service- February 20th


Mr. Michael Mamrak, President- East Lycoming

Dr. Carolyn Strickland- Loyalsock

Mr. Dave Shimmel- Montoursville

Mr. David Messenger- Muncy

Mr. Douglas Whitmoyer- Warrior Run


Dr. Craig Skaluba, Superintendent of Record- Muncy

Mr. Gerald McLaughlin- Loyalsock

Mrs. Christina Bason- Montoursville

Dr. Mark Stamm- East Lycoming

Dr. Thor Edmiston- Warrior Run