Special Georgia Milestones EOC Edition April 24, 2015

Georgia Milestones EOC

iAchieve Part-Time Students

  • These students will test at their home schools. Susan Atkins will bring you test tickets and summary tickets

General Reminders

  • Make-up testers should take ELA section 1 &2 before taking ELA section 3 if possible
  • ELA section 3 should be the only test given in a day. If you have a student who is absent multiple days, you can give ELA section 3 with another test to finish within the window.
  • If a student comes to school on a test day and says, "I don't have to take the state test". Please follow the guidance below.
  • Guidance


  • Make sure the sound is on, volume is up and the head phones are plugged in on computers students will be using for the read aloud accommodation BEFORE logging into the STA v2.1.
  • For online testing, you only need to assign a test form manually for students who have the ELA conditional accommodation of read the reading passages: EOG form 1T.
  • During ELA section 3, students across the state are "timing out" from the test session after 20 minutes while they are brainstorming and organizing their thoughts. Please remind examiners to tell students to "wiggle the mouse" if they are not actively involved on the test platform for a period of time. If a student does "time out" they will need to log back into the test session.
  • Please put a copy of the Online Troubleshooting Guide in each online testing room
  • Make sure all students have been added to the Operational Test Sessions
  • Make sure all accommodations have been added to the student profile in the TAS
  • Remind teachers about the calculator guidelines for math EOCs