PIT Happenings

Week of January 20-24, 2014

TSI testing

We have completed the TSI testing for now (A day will test one more day once more licenses come in). I want to remind you that TSI tests are what are used for college placement. It consists of a Reading, writing, and math section. These tests are designed for 18 year old students who have completed their high school education. Because we are an early college high school, our students must complete these tests in order for them to take most college classes. I am happy to report that we have almost 50% of our freshmen students as TSI complete - meaning they have passed all 3 sections. This is UNHEARD of. I have never been prouder of a group of students. WAY TO GO! For those who didn't pass, we will test again in May. As sophomores, in order to get credit for Dual Credit art, they will need to pass Reading and Writing. The kids really did great!


We will complete our small unit on Photoshop and then we will do a small unit on Scratch. PIT is designed to give an overview of all computer science topics, with a focus on Microsoft Office. Photoshop is available on all the lab machines, so please do not purchase the software. .

Chunk Writing

To support our English teachers, the students will be using Chunk Writing in all their subjects. The students will be doing exit tickets and other short assignments in this format to ready themselves for EOC. I know our students will do great!