The Diary of Anne Frank


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About Anne

Anne has a Father named Otto Frank and a mother named Edith Frank. Anne was a happy go lucky girl for most of the time.


In the diary of Anne Frank, the theme “faith will guide you to the end,” is seen throughout. Faith played an important role during the entire story. Peter finally got faith in Anne and they became friends (377). Peter and Anne being friends helped the both of them to gain more faith because they talked about everything and told each other everything would be ok. Another example of faith guiding them to the end is they all had faith in Miep and trusted her to visit and keep her guard to keep them safe. Miep gave them faith to keep going. Without Miep they wouldn't of been able to survive. As you can see faith isn't just a word it's something that people need.


Another theme in the diary of Anne Frank is “hope will be needed through your hard times.” Hope is essential for getting through the ups and downs. Anne gives everyone hope and cheers them up by getting them presents (404-405). Bye Anne doing that she gave everyone in the annex a big boost of hope that everything will be ok. She made everyone happier than they were. The Franks had hope that if they stayed in the annex and were quiet when people were there or close, they would be safe and not get found (377). By the Frank's having hope it made the others in the annex relies that the can have hope also. Hope played a important role in keeping them happy or happier.
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Anne symbolizes a flower

In the Diary of Anne Frank, I think Anne symbols a flower. I think she symbols a flower because when she was open, just like a flower does when it blooms, it cheers people up and makes the laugh. When she is closed or not speaking much, just like a flower when it is welter or getting ready to bloom, the people in the annex are rather sad and worrying about her, or they are anxious as to what she will say when she does speak. People are usually anxious to see what a flower will look like when it blooms. I think a flower is a good symbol to stand for Anne.