The Stevens Selection

September 25, 2015

This Week's Learning

Everyday Math

Unit 1's progress reports were sent home on Thursday. We began Unit 2 on Tuesday, which focuses on place value, and multidigit addition and subtraction.

**Ask your student what the value of 7 is in 67,891. (7,000)


Our young geologists are working in their science groups conducting scratch tests on different minerals in order to figure out their official names. We identified quartz, fluorite, calcite, and gypsum in our investigation. See the pictures below of scratch tests in action!

**Ask your student what the hardest material was that we used for the scratch test: paper clip, penny, or a finger nail? (paper clip)


Writer's Workshop

In writer's workshop students are putting the finishing touches on their personal narratives about how they took responsibility.

Reader's Workshop

In reader's workshop students have been working with the mentor text Josias, Hold the Book. We have been identifying story elements and inferencing the character's feelings.

** Ask your child how Josias took responsibility in the story Josias, Hold the Book... (He tried many different ways to get his family's garden to grow).

Be Connected to Our Classroom!


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I send 2-3 texts a month about important due dates.

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