Thanksgiving Piano Special

Give the gift of music--two months of lessons for just $80!

Partner Lessons

Music is an important part of every child's education...give the gift of music when you buy two months worth of lessons for your child or a friend!

Partner lessons are a wonderful way to learn piano. They are structured just like a traditional private lesson, except each student is matched with another student according to age. Each child has their own instrument and is playing throughout the whole lesson. Through this format students have the opportunity to learn duets and ensemble skills right from their first lesson! The students are accountable to each other, not just to the teacher--plus theory games are even more fun with a partner.

Why not give it a try? This offer won't last long, so sign your child (and maybe a friend!) up today!


  • Classes meet once a week for 30 minutes.
  • Students need to have a keyboard or piano to practice on at home
  • The regular cost is $60/month (so this offer is a 33% savings!)
  • Valid for students ages 6-12