Cinco de Mayo; Kentucky Derby; Mothers Day!

What will your May attract into your life?

Are you attracting what you want?

What we think about, we will bring about! WhaaaaT! Yes you are attracting exactly what you put into your mind. Here's another quote that has impacted me, "What the mind of man can conceive and believe the mind of man will achieve'" . It's not enough to just conceive it, you must believe you can have it. Then you must do the work to get it.

If you are struggling with things or people you're attracting into your life, only you have the ability to make this change.

Recently it came to me as a revelation that sometimes we're gifted mindsets or other gifts from people who impacted us. Maybe they're gone from this world, but their gifts have stayed with us. Like my Dad for example, he gifted me his magnetism, after 40 years his magnetism no longer served me, for the person I became; so I released it - stepped into my own power and COW-A-BUNGA! The people coming into my life are amazing, different from those I attracted before and truly it allows me to serve them and they fill my soul. It's a win-win.... sometimes people leave us too. So be sure you're really ready to make this paradigm shift.

For more information on this subject, connect with me. We'll be serving wine at the Wine Walk Saturday - join us, learn a little, eat a little and connect.

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333 N. Curry St. Ste B

Carson City NV 89703

1:00 -5:00 p.m. May 4th 2019

We offer the highest quality essential oils in the world

GOT MUSTY SMELLS? Do you have that familiar springtime musty smell that fresh air just doesn't seem to kick? Try purify and lemon on a long cotton ball from a supplement bottle or other product. Leave in the corner of the room and smell the difference.

doTERRA Skin Care Class

Sunday, May 19th, 1pm

333 North Curry Street

Carson City, NV

doTERRA Skin Care Class; Bring your favorite skin care products and try it against the CPTG and harsh chemical free.

Free gift when you bring a guest.

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